The Human Coalition

Tres Regis

Major towns
Port Melidor

The Human Coalition is nothing like a coalition, not anymore anyway. The coalition is ruled by three rulers who forego their true names when they ascend to their respective thrones.

  1. The Unbroken Blade
  2. The Mystic
  3. The Grand Healer

These three rulers all head their own faction within the coalition. Political intrigue including, but not limited to, bribes and assassination are common place as each of these so called rulers fight for absolute power. 

While these three regulate the everyday workings of the Coalition they claim to answer to a power higher still, The God King. The God King is more myth than God for no one remembers a time when he was worshipped directly, or for when he last spoke directly to the people.

Apart from the political in fighting and backstabbing, the realm itself is a relatively peaceful one. The only thing that troubles its people is banditry and pirates things that are common in every land. There has recently, however, been rumors of rebellion against the three rulers and against the God King himself.  


The Human Coalition

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