Paladin Tiefling


Classes: paladin daemon

Race: Tiefling

Background: paladin solider

Str: 15

Dex: 9

Con: 12

Int: 9

Wis: 10

Cha: 16

HP: 11


Init: -1


speed: 30


- born to human female daemon father

-daemon father leaves leaving female outcast

-taken in by monastery for the state

-daemon father returns on 20th birthday giving a birthday present. a black dagger

-join school learn basic social skills and team work

-get into trouble with other monastery kids and then sent to military school

-climb ranks become paladin of my squad

-use my dagger to kill those that have fallen in battle to put them out of there pain didn’t know what it was doing

-assassins sent out to kill me to steal knife survive but know i cant stay in the military

- enter a cave and find a high elf caught in a daemon spell, free the high elf and kill daemon and kill daemon with dagger

-high elf becomes my companion for power and riches.



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