Human Rogue


Class – Rogue (1)

Race – Human (Variant) +1 Dex, +1 Con

Background – Criminal

STR – 8 (-1)
DEX – 18 (4)
CON – 15 (
INT – 12 (1)
WIS – 12 (
CHA – 10 (0)

HP – 10
AC – 15
Initiative – +9
Feat – Alert


Booker doesn’t remember his younger years. The orphanage he grew up in only ever told him that he was found on their doorstep one stormy night. He was a troubled youth, constantly in trouble with his guardians and the law. By the age of twelve he had already spent time in jail and was well known to the guards of the city.

His rebellious nature got the attention of one of the local crime bosses and he quickly found himself doing odd jobs (theft mostly) for them. During his time with the criminal cartel he developed his skills, becoming on the the cartels best men. By the age of twenty, Booker had moved his way up the ranks and was now working on large heists including the theft of many of the nobles high valued jewellery and antiquities.

One heist in particular went sour and Booker was captured by the city guard. At this point Bookers reputation meant that he was to be hanged. However the night before his execution he was greeted by a man known as Vivec, a tall grey haired man with hideous scarring all over his face. He was also clearly blind in one eye. Vivec had heard of Bookers prowess as a thief and thug and had a business proposal for the doomed man. Booker having little choice accepted so long as Vivec helped him escape the city dungeons. Vivec had little trouble breaking Booker from jail and before the guards had even caught whiff of what had happened, both Vivec and Booker were long gone.

Vivec introduced Booker to a new life. A better paying life but also increasingly dangerous. Vivec took Booker to a secluded temple a week or so travel from the capital where an association known as the Blades of Osirus resided. Vivec introduced Booker to their master, Osirus, an old feeble man with a mastery of evocation and necromancy. Osirus explained that the Blades of Osirus were formed to maintain balance in the kingdom, to ensure no one power ever got too strong. They had supposedly been trying to keep the Unbroken Blade at bay for a while now but they continued to get stronger. Osirus then accepted Booker into the Blades of Osirus. Booker was granted the title of intiate and his training in espionage and assassination began.

Years have passed and the Blades of Osirus have weakened. The Unbroken Blade has weeded out many of the disciples and even launched a full assault on the temple, killing Osirus and many others. Booker and Vivec survived, though Vivec was seriously injured. Booker lost Vivec during the escape from the temple and has not seen him since. Since that day, two years ago, Booker has focused on his one and only goal, to maintain balance in a hectic world.


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